Mach-2® Die-Silicone


Reliable Working Dies in Just Minutes

For top-quality working dies, Mach-2 is the perfect choice when it comes to indirect composite inlays, chairside denture repairs and fast resin veneers or temporaries. It sets remarkably fast—on the bench in about two minutes and in the mouth almost immediately.

Creating a Mach-2 die is easy. Using a conventional impression gun, you simply inject the material directly from the automix cartridge into an alginate or reversible hydrocolloid impression. No mixing needed. Mach-2 is highly fluid so it flows much better than stone and creates a durable, smooth surface to capture exceptional detail.

As soon as you’ve poured the dies, create a model base using Super-Fast Blu-Mousse®. Two minutes later, you’re ready to remove the finished model and separate the dies. Once it sets this non-viscous vinyl polysiloxane material is extremely durable so it won’t chip, abrade or crack, but yet it’s still flexible enough so composite inlays release easily from Mach-2 dies. Simply trim the die using a common razor blade or Bard Parker. No burs! No dust!

Mach-2 sets to an opaque, highly reflective color so when you direct your curing light at an inlay’s occlusal surface, the transmitted light bounces off the prep walls and floor to promote polymerization from all directions. Prefer heat tempering? Just place the composite restorations into a toaster oven at 250°F/121°C for 10 minutes while they’re still sitting on the dies.

  • Flows beautifully—better than stone—to create a smoother die and to capture minute detail.
  • No hand-mixing—inject it directly from the automix cartridge into impression.
  • Exceptionally hard set—90+ Durometer.
  • Slightly flexible, so composite inlays release easily.

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